So many of our precious companions exhibit ailments with their eyes or ears from time to time. The worst cases we see usually appear on white or light color dogs. Stains around the eyes are indication of a number of different problems. . . anything from too much iron in the water to yeast infections, or maybe just an allergy. Around Oklahoma allergies are all to common in human and pet alike.
Below is a list of ailments and some helpful remedies anyone can try.
  • Rust around the mouth and feet - May be caused by iron in our water source. Add 1 tsp or more lemon to drinking water. Start with less until pets get used to the taste. This will also help with bad breath.
  • Eye burgers or stains - Causes include: allergies, yeast, iron and other ailments. Wipe daily, around the area between eyes, gently with a baby wipe. A gentle cleansing once or twice a day should keep eye burgers and stains at bay. No baby wipes? Try a cotton ball soaked in saline solution. Avoid getting any harsh solutions in your pets eyes but, a q-tip swab of 3% hydrogen peroxide, or lemon juice can fade stains.
  • Ear Dirt/Congestion- Every once in a while, something like an ear infection will appear in Poodles, Cockers and other floppy eared dogs. While some may be diagnosed as ear mites, if the treatment for ear mites isn't working and your pups ears exhibit an unusual/foul odor, try this miracle cure. We have found this remedy to be very beneficial in cases that can't be treated otherwise. Look up the Zim's Family Recipe for the full instructions, but the following ingredients are what you need...Alcohol, Boric Acid (Not Borax!), White Vinegar, and Beta dine.
  • Here's the link you need to read about this wonderful elixer.

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