Hello everybody!
If you look closely you'll still find wonderful people who care about homeless pets.
For instance, those who are willing to foster dogs until they find new owners open up their homes and lives to these who have no place to rest. Sometimes, dogs come to us with abuse in their pasts, other times these little ones are just unfortunate enough to have been born the wrong place and time.

For whatever reason many unwanted pets pass across the doorway of Soggy Doggy.
Some need only food and water for a week or two then they are adopted. Others, hang their heads and don't respond well to people or other animals, these may take a long while to get ready for new owners. A tender touch is what it takes and they will come out of their shells. Oh, plus, there are some dogs and cats given up with health issues, which take even more time and consistency to properly correct. All animals have to pass a health screening as well as being up to date on shots/worming and spay or neutering before they can be adopted.
When pounds are full of fine, loving dogs or the public can no longer take care of their own pets they become a burden that is hard to bear. But, that burden is lifted when we find people who still care about them and share their homes to help them out.

Yeah!- to such caring people who donate their time and talents making these unwanted pound pups into adoptable, wonderful, loving pets! Big thanks to all of you who decide to nurture the flea bitten, downtrodden souls who come our way each day! They love you and we love you!

For anyone wishing to share your home to a foster pet, please contact us! Always room for more.