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Answering the Call....

Posted by Tressa Hunter on Saturday, November 23, 2013,
Sometimes feeling overwhelmed with pet rescue and the demands that go with it, foster parents for dogs and kitties begin to think they are all alone and must do everything themselves in order that pets get a fair shake in this world. That is not the case. A recent event shows that people love to help, if they only know the need exists. When a cry for help goes out and even a few people respond, hearts are lifted and lives are changed. I am thankful for helping hands and open hearts this month...
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Yeah, for people who care!

Posted by Soggy Doggy on Friday, August 2, 2013, In : shelter dogs 
Hello everybody!
If you look closely you'll still find wonderful people who care about homeless pets.
For instance, those who are willing to foster dogs until they find new owners open up their homes and lives to these who have no place to rest. Sometimes, dogs come to us with abuse in their pasts, other times these little ones are just unfortunate enough to have been born the wrong place and time.

For whatever reason many unwanted pets pass across the doorway of Soggy Doggy.
Some need only fo...
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