A transport team just returned from Colorado; another 11 dogs on their way to permanent adoptions. The time spent by pet rescue persons to make sure each pet was ready was not counted. No one gets paid for trips to the vet for spaying and neutering. Time was donated to make sure these animals have needed vaccinations and medical care. A team of professionals, from the vet to the foster families, work together to make sure specific needs are met for each unwanted pet surrendered to MAA. The only beneficiaries of such kindness are the animals themselves. In their own way, they are grateful. Although we may never really know it. How much must a forever home mean to them?

The title of this blog, 100%, plus, means giving...100% of the money, time, patience it takes to persevere. To give over and above your abilities to make sure no healthy, adoptable pet goes without a good home, or worse dying a horrible death. That's what pet rescue is about, not a building, or a website, not a bill board or a board meeting. No amount of donations toward these items will ever take the place of good old, down to earth, hands-on pet rescue.

Gas, that's what money is needed for. It takes gas to drive a van full of dogs to adopt-a-thons. That's pretty much it.
Care to make a donation? Go to http://www.shop.miamianimalalliance.com/main.sc and follow the links!